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Welcome to the Knightdale Knights family!

Here are a few things you should know...

Prerequisites to Practice and Play

  • No player will be able to participate in practice until they are paid-in-full, have a valid physical (tackle), and have been cleared by a designated staff member of the organization.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • The East Wake Football League is REQUIRING ALL tackle football players have state issued photo ID’s.  See the press release at: EWFL ID Requirements   

    • Deadline for ID is August 31.

    • DMV issues State ID for $13 and require: 

      • Proof of Age and Identity (Birth Certificate)

      • Social Security Card

      • Proof of Residency (School Records)

      • May take up to 20 days to receive by mail

      • More information can be found at: State ID information



  • Flag football or mascot cheer is $60 - no discounts available

  • Tackle football $200

  • Tackle age cheerleading $125. 

Fees include:

  • For tackle football - 2 uniforms (1 game, 1 practice), pads, and helmet (equipment is considered rental and must be returned at the end of the season**) 
    For cheerleading - uniform skirt and vest
    For mascot cheer - skort and cheer shirt

  • You provide  (details will be given by coaches or team moms)
    For tackle football - cleats, mouthpieces, and team undershirt (optional)
    For cheerleading - shoes, team windsuit (optional), and team spirit pack (includes crop top, bloomers, hairbow, socks)
    For mascot cheer - shoes and socks

** Starting with the Fall 2022 season, tackle football players will keep their game jersey, which will have have their name on the back if registered and paid in full by the  set deadline (see registration link)


Weight Limits: (Teams & Coaches) 

  • Flag Football-No weight limit-Age 5 & 6

  • Mini Mite (8U) -  (Head Coach Marcus Yulfo - 919-302-1593)

    • Ages 6-8, weight limit 105 pounds

    • (125 lbs.  between the tackles)

  • Mighty Mite (10U) -  (Head Coach Ed McDoe - 984-365-8948)

    • Ages 9-10, weight limit 125 pounds 

    • (165 lbs.  between the tackles)

  • Pee Wee (12U) -  (Head Coach Garrick Tarver - 919-625-8905)

    • Ages 11-12, weight limit 150 pounds

    • (Unlimited between the tackles) 

* Player's Age as of August 1st.

*A child age 6 has the option to play flag football or Mini-mites (tackle) football
*Players that don't make weight move up to the next age level or don't play until they make weight



  • Practices begin in August and run on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights throughout the season

  • Games begin in September and are played on every Saturday (mornings for flag players, afternoons/evenings for tackle players)

  • Away games are played on fields throughout the East Wake Football League and may be as far away as Durham or Oxford but also may be as close as Wendell or Riley Hill

  • Home games are staffed entirely by parent volunteers - each family is required to volunteer at least 1 person for 1 shift per season on either admission gates, chain crew, or concessions (you will not be asked to volunteer during your child's game)

  • Regular season games end at the end of October and the post-season continues until the Super Bowl (which is held on the weekend before Thanksgiving) or until your team is eliminated

  • Cheerleading competition is usually held on the second weekend of November


The Knightdale Knights teach and expect excellence both on and off the field in the following areas:

  • Sportsmanship (in both players and families)

  • Respect (both for ourselves and others)

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

We teach football, cheer, and life skills.  We work hard, play hard, and have fun. 


When attending practices and games, please make use of parking lots near the field.  Parking on the street is not allowed and may result in parking tickets being issued.  Parking is available in the lot at the corner of Flowers St. and Sallinger St.  The parking lot at Knightdale Elementary School can also be used.

**Please note in order to receive equipment you must be registered, paid in full, and have a current physical.**

 Knightdale Orthopedic Specialist of NC offers $10 sports physicals from 9am-9pm everyday. (6602 Knightdale Blvd Suite 310, Knightdale, NC 27545)

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